end of lease cleaning melbourne
Whenever it comes to moving out, most of the tenants find themselves in quite a difficult situation. More than searching for a new place, what takes their maximum attention is the cleanliness of the existing accommodation and seeking approval from the landlord. One of the most essential components of the end of lease clean is the cleaning of walls. This is one of the most crucial parts that will be inspected by the landlord/ estate manager. They will thoroughly check out all the walls before you move out of the place. So, you need to ensure that all the walls remain spotless and there are no stains and marks on them.

There are some basic tips and tricks to clean the wall of the property before moving out:

Clean all scuff marksCleaning the stubborn scuff marks from the walls requires some sort of special effort. It is not just the regular cleaning of the walls. So, to clean all the scuff marks from your walls, you can hire the end of lease cleaning Melbourne service. The expert will take the warm water, add the cleaning solution to it and wipe down wherever the scuff marks exist. The professional will produce extraordinary results after applying it on all the walls. After some time, all the walls of the property will appear sparkly clear, bright, and at the same time rejuvenated.

Removing crayons from walls

Your kids might have drawn on the walls. However, cleaning the crayons from the walls is one of the most challenging tasks to do whenever it comes to moving out clean. There is a requirement for heavy chemicals to remove the crayons and make the walls appear white again. If you want to clear the crayons on your own from the walls, just take the vinegar and an old toothbrush. Put the vinegar on the toothbrush and scrub the walls that have the crayons on them. When you engage with the bond back cleaning Melbourne service, the expert utilizes special cleaning solutions and equipment for removing all the crayons and other marks from the walls, making them appear white and bright again.

Removing cigarette marks

The nicotine in the cigarette stains the walls making them appear yellow. So, if you or any of your family members are a smoker, then you will come across yellow or even brown colour stains on your walls. For the removal of cigarette stains, there is a requirement for specialized chemicals as well as the most appropriate cleaning process. You can take the help of end of lease cleaning who will utilize advanced cleaning products and equipment for removing all the cigarette stains from the walls. If the stains of cigarettes on the walls are extremely heavy, then it may be requiring repainting or putting on a new wallpaper.

Removal of stickers from walls

Sometimes kids tend to place the stickers on markers on the walls. However, these stickers can be removed without using any sort of chemicals. You have to start from one of the sides. If you find one of the sides is quite hard to remove then just try to scrape it off from the other side. You can utilize a scraper or even a knife for the removal of the stickers from all the walls. However, there might be the possibility that one part of the sticker is not able to get removed. So, in such a situation, you can just make it wet from all four corners and then you can use a knife for its removal. When you hire the professional bond cleaning Melbourne company, then you can just feel relaxed that the accommodation will be immaculately cleaned and the walls will be left sparkly clean, spotless, and bright.


So, while handing over the rental property to the landlord you have to ensure that the entire place along with the walls looks perfectly fine, and everything is simply in the perfect place. This is where the end of lease house cleaning Melbourne service is of significant assistance to you. With the help of the professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne, you can transform the property back into a flawless state. This will also be assisting you in seeking your complete bond amount back from the landlord without any sort of deduction, owing to the damages or the need for subsequent repairs.


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