end of lease cleaning melbourne
The end of lease cleaning is the most essential requirement for every tenant. This is due to the reason that it increases the chances of securing the complete bond refund. Every tenant has the responsibility to leave the rented accommodation pristine clean and sparklingly spotless before moving to the next property. For qualifying the end of tenancy inspection and pleasing the landlord, the tenant must leave the property dust-free. However, end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is not similar to what you perform on a day-to-day basis. It is a different type of cleaning with a high level of standards. So, to perform it successfully, the tenant can hire the end of lease cleaning Melbourne company. It is going to take a lot of effort, time, and expertise to perform the end of lease cleaning of a property.

Given below are a few of the useful tips and tricks to remove all the dirt, allergens, and other contaminants from the house and make the house clean successful in a hassle-free manner:

Deep clean kitchen

The kitchen area is the heart of the home. This is undeniably one of the dirtiest places in residential accommodation. So, when you want to impress the landlord and estate manager, ask the end of lease cleaner Melbourne to clean it according to the checklist. Make sure to hire a certified and experienced house cleaning crew who addresses every NOOK and corner of the kitchen and makes it pristine clean, order-free, and fresh.

Bathroom clean

After the kitchen space, the bathroom is the next area that requires special attention. It is because all the scum of soaps, stains, deposits, tile grouts, etc. have to be taken care of. So, the bond cleaning Melbourne team arriving at your place must prepare a checklist. They should address all the issues like clearing up the dust, and grime from air vents, cleaning shower heads, screens, and glass doors, removing the melds, and mildews from hard surfaces like ceilings and walls, mopping the floor, and performing other tasks to attain the sparkling outcome.

Bedrooms and living room

When you are looking forward to prep up the rental accommodation for the end of lease cleaning Melbourne inspection, then it is important to ensure that every corner of the bedrooms and living room are being cleaned off deeply. The best is to follow the top to downward approach, where the cleaners start from the top and follow the downward approach to reach all the areas.

External/ outdoor spaces clean

The end of lease cleaning is not just confined to the cleaning of the bathroom, kitchen, living, and bedrooms. The tenant has to make sure that all the external areas of the property are thoroughly cleaned. So, when you hire the bond back cleaning Melbourne service, make sure cleaners clear up the grass in the yard, trim up the edges of the plants, clean the furniture, and patio, perform the cleaning of garage walls, flooring, and all other external areas are taken care of.

Proper planning

The most crucial aspect of achieving a successful bond back clean is planning. There are many things that the tenant needs to look into before moving into the new accommodation. From packing, and logistics to end of lease cleaning, everything needs to be taken care of. Don’t leave the end of lease clean of your old, rented property to the last minute, if you need to plan your bond back clean ahead if you want your 100% bond refund.


The tenant has to refer to the complete end of lease clean guide and make sure that the house cleaning Melbourne team performs the cleaning according to the pre-determined checklist. In this manner, they will be able to impress the landlord and the estate manager with a sparkly clean, clear, and fresh outcome. It is vital to perform the best-in-class bond back clean for the sake of getting your bond money back. When you will be able to find an extremely reputable and efficient bond cleaning company, it is going to make your entire moving-out experience hassle-free as well as peaceful. To professional house cleaning Melbourne company make sure that you leave the rented accommodation in a stress-free manner and at the same time get your complete bone amount back.


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